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Customer Reviews

"This is the Vegas app you want!"
- Kings of the Drink

"If ur coming 2 Vegas,u need to get the "Vegas Party Stops" app. As informative of a Vegas guide that I've ever seen. Perfect 4 pub crawls too! I know this city pretty well, but the more I play with that app, the more I learn. Every Vegas cabbie should have it too!"
- Beanz the Cabbie

"Just got back from Vegas and this app killed it... Even used some of the fun facts for ice breakers with the ladies"
- ThunderHawk

"Tons of information and tips delivered in an organized and easy to navigate format"
- DMH4772912

"So much info that is helpful to navigate while staying drunk in Vegas!"
- Carin L

Vegas Party Stops - 2013 Trippie Nominee: Best Vegas App

A Vegas App to use as you PARTY in Las Vegas!

Now with
EXCLUSIVE DRINK SPECIALS for Vegas Party Stops users!



The "Vegas Party Stops" difference...
  • This app is dedicated to the “Art Of The Party”. It’s all about having fun in Vegas
  • We offer our app users EXCLUSIVE DRINK SPECIALS from some of the coolest bars on the Las Vegas Strip. Just show your phone, running Vegas Party Stops with the digital drink coupon built right into the app, to the bartender for awesome drink specials!
  • Each “Party Stop” is rated from 1 to 5 cocktail glasses.  The more glasses means the bigger the party atmosphere.  We’re not just talking about the size of the venue or the amount of people.  Things like speedy drink service, friendly atmosphere, cool vibe, drink specials and unique bars/lounges are all taken into account in the ranking.
  • We give you an overall vibe of each stop (such as a College Party Vibe, Upscale Sophisticated Vibe, and Nostalgic/Old School Vibe) to help you find the style that works for you.
  • Each “Party Stop” has a recommended bar or lounge to experience.  It might be a obvious, mainstream choice or it could be a small, tucked away cocktail lounge.
  • If you’re unsure what to drink or bored with the same old choices, each “Party Stop” has a recommended cocktail to try that is specific to the theme and vibe of the stop.  Each recommended drink is linked to the web so you know exactly what you’re ordering.
  • Every “Party Stop” has an overview and brief history of the property, things-to-do and things you must do, any attractions at the stop, a fact/tidbit and hidden tip to impress your friends.
  • You can keep it social by checking in, finding nearby places, viewing the “Party Stops’” Facebook wall or tweets, and reading comments other app users have left.
  • If you choice the “Start The Party” feature, we’ll guide you down The Strip... “Party Stop” to “Party Stop”... like your personal pub crawl of the Las Vegas Strip.
  • And of course, we let you know about all the attractions (free and paid) on The Strip by giving you our rating, a brief overview, and some attraction information.
  • This is the perfect Las Vegas travel iPhone App / Android App... A great mobile application to make your trip to Las Vegas more fun.

    Have a drink and enjoy.  Cheers!