Are You Ready To Party?

Customer Reviews

"This is the Vegas app you want!"
- Kings of the Drink

"If ur coming 2 Vegas,u need to get the "Vegas Party Stops" app. As informative of a Vegas guide that I've ever seen. Perfect 4 pub crawls too! I know this city pretty well, but the more I play with that app, the more I learn. Every Vegas cabbie should have it too!"
- Beanz the Cabbie

"Just got back from Vegas and this app killed it... Even used some of the fun facts for ice breakers with the ladies"
- ThunderHawk

"Tons of information and tips delivered in an organized and easy to navigate format"
- DMH4772912

"So much info that is helpful to navigate while staying drunk in Vegas!"
- Carin L

Why should I purchase this Vegas App?

It's only $1.99!  That's basically the cost of two pulls on a slot machine or less then half the cost of an average Las Vegas cocktail.  With the amount of original content on the app, why won't you spend a couple bucks to enhance your trip to Las Vegas.  The app would pay for itself if you found a cool bar you didn't know about, an attraction that you wanted to see, or a happy hour that saved you a couple bucks.  However, the most important reason is... it's fun!  Isn't that what Las Vegas is all about?


What are "Party Stops"?

A "Party Stop" is a party spot on the Las Vegas Strip that we think is worth experiencing.  Most people who visit Las Vegas end up walking the Strip, walking from hotel to hotel checking out the massive resorts.  We make it easy by listing them out and letting you know what not to miss.  We suggest the best bars and lounges at each stop.


What information do you have for each "Party Stops"?

Each "Party Stop" has several sections:  Party Factor, Social Media, Overview, History, Must Do Items, Things To Do, Fact & Tidbits, and Hidden Tip.  Within the party factor section, we have listed our party ranking, vibe of the stop, suggested bar, recommended drink and how much time we would need to "experience" the stop.  In the social media section, we have gotten you the option of checking in (via Facebook), tweeting, finding nearby places, viewing the stop's Facebook wall and tweets.  There is also a option to view and leave user comments.


Do you give us any insider secrets or advice?

Yes, Each "Party Stop" has an Hidden Tip section.

How many "Party Stops" are included on the App?

There are 32 "Party Stops" on version 1.0 of the Vegas Party Stops app.  We have included all the major resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, from the Mandalay Bay Resort to the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower.  There are also a few stops that are not resorts or hotels, but are worth a stop.  In addition, we have included 3 "Pit Stops" on the tour.

How does the party tour work?

Think of our party tour feature as a virtual pub crawl.  We map out the entire Las Vegas Strip and guide as you party up and down The Strip.  We map your progress as you hit each "Party Stop".


Do you need to start at the first stop to begin the party tour?

No, the app gives you the option to start wherever you want.  You choose what direction on The Strip that you what to go. Most people just "Start The Party" right from their Las Vegas Strip hotel.

Do I need to use the party tour feature?

No, of course not.  The "Start The Party" feature is only an option for people who want to walk, explore and party on the Las Vegas Strip.  You can browse the "Party Stops" on the app wherever and whenever you want.  There is a ton of information.  As a matter of fact, a lot of people use the app to plan out their trip before they ever get to Las Vegas.

How did you determine the recommended drink at each stop?

Our recommendations come from several factors including the themes of the resort and bar, the vibe of the establishment, signature drinks, the age of the property, the party scene and our own secret reasons.  Each "Party Stop" has a recommended drink.